EGP 1,310,000
Property Type:
Hospitals / Sale
EGP 1,310,000 Cash
Plot Area:
54 M2

Medical Park Premier adopts a whole new vision that goes beyond providing clinical care and it expands to include World-Class hospitals as well , forming an enormous medical compound that serves health care providers and beneficiaries in a whole new way.
With a grand clinical and medical services center , and four separate hospitals , you cannot aspire for more than what we have in here!
Medical Park Premier indoor area aims to reflect a natural ambience that is easy to the eye and pleasant to the soul.The clinical center revolves around a skylight atrium that radiates life , energy and joy. Inside , you will enjoy a unique visual journey with a variety of luxurious marble , granite and porcelain floors , rich landscape with stones , water features , wood and greenery spaces. The place is softly illuminated with led lights that create a warm and serine atmosphere.