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EGP 8,275,000
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B2B Real Estate
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Hospitals / Clinics / Vendre
Medical Center
EGP 8,275,000 Détails financiers
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247 M2
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Dernière mise à jour:
Wed 15 Feb 2017

Architectural Concept -
A Piece of Nature
• Inspired by the beauty of nature that is rich in amazingly interlaced
geometrical lines and streamlines , the architectural design team of alI
designs relied on two main concepts when creating Medical Park Premier
(Lines & Curves).
• By creating river-like curves and leaf-like lines , we imposed a look that
serves the unity of the whole building and subtly connect it all together
with invisible lines that will make you literally flow within the place with
ease and smoothness..

• Medical Park Premier indoor area aims to reflect a natural ambience that is
easy to the eye and pleasant to the soul.
• The clinical center revolves around a skylight atrium that radiates life ,
energy and joy. Inside , you will enjoy a unique visual journey with a variety
of luxurious marble , granite and porcelain floors , rich landscape with
stones , water features , wood and greenery spaces.
• The place is softly illuminated with led lights that create a warm and serine